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PumpsThe 3610 is a high temperature and pressure process pump that meets or exceeds the latest editions of API-610 and ISO 13709. Safety, reliability, and versatility are the key words for our double suction API 610 between-bearing (BB1) pump.

All performance curves are found using our free Pump Selection System (PSS) software. Click the following link, where you will register and gain immediate access to all of our up-to-the-minute performance curve information.
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  • Capacity to 50,000 GPM (11,355 m3/h)
  • Total Dynamic Head to 700 feet (215m)
  • Temperature to 300°F (150°C)
  • Pressure vacuum to 300 PSIG (21 kg/cm2)

Design Features

  • Materials: Available in a wide range of materials including all API
    610 constructions and custom application needs.
  • Engineered Hydraulics: Industry-leading hydraulic combinations
    to better match your process for efficiency and reliability. Custom
    hydraulics are available.
  • Engineered Packaging with a wide range of drivers, seals, piping,
    nozzle configurations, flanges, baseplates, and QC testing.


API pump for:
  • Petroleum refining, production, and distribution
  • Petrochemical and demanding chemical processing
  • High temperature applications including boiler circulation
  • General industrial requiring high temperature or high pressures

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